GATENet Utilises Zeeve For Blockchain Management

Zeeve’s technology platform will be used by GATENet’s Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) for greater blockchain operational efficiency.

3 February 2023, GATENet and Zeeve have announced a tie-up whereby GATENet will utilise Zeeve’s blockchain management platform to complement GATENet’s Digital Financial Market Infrastructure  launching in Q2 2023. 

GATENet provides a single point of access to support the issuance, trading, settlement (‘T Instant’) and registry of digital assets including digital securities and cryptocurrencies reducing costs and increasing efficiencies for issuers, investors and market participants everywhere.

Mark Mariampillia, GATENet’s CEO commented on the news, stating:

“Zeeve has an exceptional track record for facilitating easy blockchain deployment and maintenance, working with a range of excellent partners to provide a secure and robust platform that matches the needs and ethos that GATENet requires for V1 go-live in Q2 2023. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Zeeve as we progress on our journey to redefine the capital markets.”

Zeeve provides a world leading infrastructure and automation platform that enables the deployment and management of blockchain nodes and networks for various protocols. Zeeve’s enterprise-grade platform provides the deployment, monitoring, management and scaling of blockchain nodes and networks with greater efficiency. Ghan Vashishtha, Co-Founder and CTO commented on the tie-up, saying:

“We are excited to be working with the GATENet team and supporting their platform’s blockchain based aspirations in the settlement of digital securities. Our ability to help GATENet achieve peak efficiency in the deployment and maintenance of their multi-chain approach is how Zeeve has become a household name within the blockchain industry. GATENet is an existing initiative that we at Zeeve are looking forward to supporting to become a world-leading platform utilising blockchain powered finance.” 


About GATENet

GATENet addresses the legacy issues inherent in the current Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) delivering a multi-chain network of protocols that will enhance the global clearing and settlement of securities through a new Digital FMI. We create efficiencies that remove the barriers to entry for those seeking to raise capital, reduce the trade life cycle costs, eliminating counterparty risk whilst building new interoperability for exchanges, institutions and investors across the world.

We work with key partners in multiple jurisdictions to collectively establish a network of digital securities exchanges powered by GATENet, to produce a frictionless marketplace and inclusive financial system.

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About Zeeve

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade automation platform providing deployment, monitoring and management of Blockchain nodes and networks, as a Service. We make it very easy to deploy your blockchain nodes and Decentralized Apps using our intuitive and no-code platform in a matter of minutes with the built-in benefits of advanced analytics, monitoring and real time alerts.

Our platform provides the reliable, powerful and infrastructure to support the future of Web3. We ensure that your journey into building and launching your Blockchain apps is easy, rapid and secure. Our RPC endpoints offer authenticated access to API’s, hassle free management with intuitive dashboard and analytics.

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