GATENet Fireside Chat with STT

Welcome to Episode 4 in GATENet’s Fireside chat series, featuring key stakeholders, innovators and organisations involved in transforming capital markets. Our guest is Zack Hodgson, Director of sales at STT, to discuss the developments of the GATENet Digital FMI as a key technology partner for GATENet.

About STT STT provides exchange financial solutions to a number of different Exchanges, Clearing Members, Brokers, Banks, Custodians and Fund Managers locally and abroad. We have been in operation for over 34 years and our practices, policies and processes are well proven.Securities & Trading Technology (STT), founded in 1985, is an independent, privately-owned South Africa-based Company specialising in the development of leading Financial Market software solutions. Our core products cover exchange solutions, trading systems, custodian solutions, central depository solutions, risk management and back office management systems. Find out more at: