GATENet Appoints New CEO

25 March 2022, GATENet, part of GSX Group, has appointed Mark Mariampillai as its new CEO. Initially brought onboard as a Programme Manager for GATENet, Mark has excelled in driving the creation of GATENet’s Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI). Holding previous experience in tier one institutions such as Credit Suisse, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citadel and the KBC Hedge Fund, helping implement a wide range of tech and blockchain solutions. Mark commented on the news, saying:

“I’m excited to get underway as CEO of GATENet, I believe the solutions we can provide issuers, investors and market participants are both tangible and significant. We have an opportunity to reshape the current financial T+2 model, into a cost-efficient, risk averse FMI that reduces barriers to entry, unlocks capital and removes intermediaries – offering a T-instant interoperable alternative for the capital markets. I look forward to making this vision a reality with the GATENet team.”

GATENet is a technology solutions provider, building a digital FMI that incorporates blockchain, for the  issuance and trading of compliant digital securities and digital assets. GATENet delivers multiple-assets on multiple-chains on multiple exchanges – creating benefits for issuers, market professionals and investors everywhere. Mark will take over the day-to-day operations of GATENet from Nick Cowan who continues to oversee operations as Group CEO, commenting on the appointment, Nick stated:

“We’re delighted to have Mark onboard as CEO of one of Group’s core business lines. GATENet is the focal point in our overarching goals, as we are set to redefine the lifecycle of securities and build a new future that contains a global network of digital marketplaces, all interconnected through blockchain infrastructure to transform global finance. Mark’s track record and passion in our shared vision will take GATENet from strength to strength.”

About GATENet
GATENet addresses the legacy issues inherent in the current Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) delivering a multi-chain network of protocols that will enhance the global clearing and settlement of securities through a new Digital FMI. GATENet’s Digital FMI, that supports multiple asset classes, is designed to create efficiencies that remove the barriers to entry for those seeking to raise capital, reduce the trade life cycle costs, eliminate counterparty risk whilst building new interoperability for exchanges, institutions and investors across the world.  GATENet works with key partners in multiple jurisdictions to power digital asset and digital securities exchanges, to produce a frictionless market place and inclusive financial system.