GATE - Fuelling The GATENet Digital Financial Markets Infrastructure

// GATENet

GATE Token

The fuel that drives the GATENet Network.

GATE token is the utility token that is used within the GATENet network for GATENet Fees, Staking, Burning And Governance. It underpins our settlement of fees within the GATENet network while supporting the adoption of digital assets.

GATENet fees

Fees are payable to GATENet in fiat or GATE tokens. All fees paid to GATENet will be split three ways between (1) stakers, (2) GATENet (in order for GATENet to maintain its services), and (3) burning.


Empowering participation within the GATE community to vote on future developments of GATENet and the GATE Token.

GATENet fees

GATE Tokens may be staked to earn staking rewards and participate in governance.


A percentage of GATENet fees will be used to purchase GATE tokens from the open market for staker awards and burning.



You can stake your GATE Tokens, directly from your own wallet and receive rewards for supporting the GATENet Network.

Check out our useful Guide on how to stake and visit our staking platform.

// GATENet explained

GATENet Fee Model

All GATENet Fees are split between GATENet and GATE token stakers with a further amount being burned. The 3 way split will be eventually determined by the GATE Token community via the staking function as determined by governance voting – an example of allocation is as follows:

Fees generated from GATENet Digital FMI services will be retained by GATENet (in fiat) to maintain it's functions 20%
Fees generated will be used to buy GATE tokens in the market and will be allocated to any token holders that have staked their tokens for rewards 60%
Fees generated from GATENet Digital FMI services will be used to buy GATE token in the market and these tokens will be burned 20%