GATE Is Now Live On Liquid

The token that drives the GATENet network, as part of the GSX Group’s vision for the capital markets, is now live and tradeable on the Japanese regulated exchange Liquid

GATE token, the utility token of GATENet was listed on Liquid on the 28 May 2021.  Liquid is a Japanese based regulated digital asset exchange, with a mission to build a modern and secure exchange ecosystem for traders, while leveraging the benefits that blockchain technology enables. Mike Kayamori, Co-founder and CEO of Liquid, commented on the listing, saying:

“We are excited to move forward with the GATE listing. Such a blessing to be a part of their successful journey and offer Gate token to Liquid’s trading community.”

GATENet is a GSX Group initiative that is building an on-chain financial market infrastructure with comprehensive settlement and registry solutions. The goal of GATENet is to reduce costs across the board, whilst increasing efficiency for Issuers, Investors and Market Participants globally.  GATE token is a key part of that strategy, being used by GATENet for GATENet Fees, Staking, Burning And Governance. Nick Cowan, CEO of GSX Group commented on the news stating: 

“Liquid helped us execute our ICO back in 2018, and it seems fitting we list GATE on such a centre of excellence for the digital assets space as we look forward to a productive 2021. I know this will be greatly received within the GATE community, and we hope the Liquid community will equally embrace our token and vision for the future.” 

As part of the celebration of the new listing for GATE, GATENet has begun a referral programme that provides a 200 GATE Bonus Award for all new account holders that use the referral link provided here and existing Liquid customers who are part of our GATE community by registering here

The GATE token will be traded in the following pairs:

To learn more about Liquid and what it offers its users, click here, to register to Liquid today using the GATENet referral code click here.

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