GATE Community Update

GATE Community Update

Dear GATE Community,

We have several updates regarding the GATE token for you on our listing and staking roadmap.

Mine Digital

Mine Digital have released a video update on the upcoming ‘Mine Trade’ exchange platform upgrade, which is due to go-live next week. You can watch the video here:

For token holders who are previous GBX customers, once Mine Trade is operational, our team and those responsible for accounts at Mine Digital will ensure the smoothest transition and we will continue to be on hand via our own [email protected] and within Telegram.

You can on-board to Mine Digital anytime, any issues with onboarding please contact [email protected].

House of HODL

Many of you have decided to stake at House of HODL (HOH), and we have been collecting these requests (of former GBX account holders) via our online form, available here. We are pleased to announce that the team at Mine Digital have given the green light on the go-live of our GATE staking section at House of HODL, which some of you may have already seen visible on the HoH website, this is currently in Beta mode with more updates to come to the staking platform.

Our GATE staking section is set to go live Friday 30 April 2021 12:00 CET. We would like to remind everyone that all staking rewards have been backdated from the 1st of April until the end of May 2021 ensuring that nobody within the community misses out on the opportunity to stake. To be clear, this means you can stake at the tail-end of May and still receive the same rewards as those who staked on go-live.

We would like to thank the team at Mine Digital for working diligently to allow us to be the first utility token to have a staking gateway on HoH, and extend our gratitude to the community and Community Council for their amazing feedback sent to the Mine Digital team, who have worked out the kinks in the platform and will continue to look into developing further roll-outs to improve the service.

For those interested in understanding more about staking GATE, please read through our staking guide, available here.

Liquid Exchange Listing Update

Some further good news for our GATE token holders, we’ve submitted all the relevant information to the team at Liquid, including an updated legal opinion and token smart contract audit. We are quietly confident that we should see GATE listed on the Liquid exchange in the coming weeks. You can visit Liquid here.

Further exchange listings that are in process will be announced as soon as possible.

Additional Staking Platforms

In the same vein of offering GATE holders more opportunities to trade their tokens, we want to provide more than one staking venue. We have begun work with the support of the Community Council to research other opportunities to offer more diverse options to stake. If you have any suggestions please put them within the GATE Community Council group, here. , again, further options for staking will be announced as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend Gaters.

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