GATE Community Update

GATE Community Update

Dear GATE Community 

We have an exciting update for you today. 

GATE Listing on Liquid 

GATE will be listed on Liquid on Friday 28 May 2021, in the trading pairs of GATE/USDT and GATE/ETH. An official announcement will be released Monday 24 May 2021, but we wanted to let our community know beforehand!  

Liquid has also enabled a referral code for GATENet, once you register (or claim your bonus as per GATE Bonus Award – Gate Token for existing Liquid account holders) you will receive a bonus of 200 GATE. Click the link below for entry of the referral code: Crypto and Fiat Currency Exchange | Trade with

About Liquid 

Liquid is a Japanese based regulated digital asset exchange, with a mission to build a modern and secure exchange ecosystem for traders, while leveraging the benefits that blockchain technology enables.

To learn more about Liquid and what it offers its users, click here, to register to Liquid today, click here

GATE Listing on Mine Digital 

We are still working with the Mine Digital team to get GATE listed on Mine Digital.  We do not currently have a firm date to when GATE will be listed.  We will keep liaising with Mine Digital and keep you informed.

You Decide

Given the imminent listing of GATE on Liquid we are offering GBX customers (whose GATE are still held on account) to choose where your GATE tokens are transmitted: 

  1. Mine Digital – when GATE is listed (listing date to be confirmed as soon as we have it). This is the default option for all GBX account holders. 
  2. Liquid – where the GATE tokens will be credited to your account. This can be achieved by registering with Liquid using our referral code, and then instructing us to send your GATE tokens to Liquid via e-mail [email protected] or “you decide” on 

GATENet Explainer Video

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Thomas, one of the founders of the GATE Community Council, his team and GSX worked on an explainer video for GATENet! You can watch it here. Huge thanks again to Thomas for the hard work and incredible video that highlights GATENet’s vision and mission.

There is no greater example of how collaboration between GSX and its Community can produce stunning results – we will work hand in hand with our Community Council to continue to produce quality content like this! 

Have a great weekend, Gaters!   


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