GATE Community Update

GATE Community Update

Dear GATE Community 

I just wanted to keep you updated on all developments regarding GATE and work we’re doing in the background. 

GATE Listings 
As you are all aware GATE is now listed on Liquid against the trading pairs of GATE/USDT and GATE/ETH, we are seeing a great response from the Liquid community, and we want to welcome all the new members that have joined recently to our GATE Community Telegram!  To coincide with Liquid’s listing of GATE we have created a GATE/ETH pool on Uniswap. You can find the links on the homepage of

GBX Customers 
For all those waiting for Mine Digital to go live with their Mine Swap and Mine Trade platform upgrades, Mine Digital recently released an update saying the launch is due within a few weeks time. Until then, we have broadened the choice you have of where to deposit your GATE, for more information visit
We will inform you as soon as we have a firm date to when GATE will be listed.  
For any queries, please contact [email protected].  

GATE Bonus Award
Don’t forget! Make sure you use the Liquid referral code when on-boarding with Liquid so that once you register (or claim your bonus as per GATE Bonus Award – Gate Token for existing Liquid account holders) you will receive a bonus of 200 GATE Bonus Award. 
Click the following link for entry of the referral code: Crypto and Fiat Currency Exchange | Trade with

Staking and Governance
We have been working with the GATE Community Council on the staking and governance proposal which we have put to a number of developers so that we can activate an alternative staking solution than solely House of HODL (HOH), to offer more options for the GATE community.
We want to reassure everyone that we are focused on delivering a great solution and we will be extending the staking date to 31 July 2021 – meaning once our alternative solution is ready (or if you choose to stake on HOH), we will ensure that you rewards are back-dated to 1 April 2021 as offered previously.
Meanwhile, we have a number of developments that we will update you on over the next few weeks including our potential partnership in Hong Kong; developments working with protocol vendors; when we can divulge more, rest assured we will! 

We have been busy testing GATEWay (our tokenisation and subscription platform) and have been hashing tests to our GATENet blockchain and aim to migrate to our live Mainnet over the next month or two in preparation for tokenising real assets!! 
Lastly, if you want to get more involved with the GATE community in the Community Council, then join the dedicated Telegram group here:

Have a great weekend, Gaters!   


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