GATE Community Update

GATE Community Update

Dear GATE Community,

With the imminent release of our own dedicated GATENet staking platform, we have made the decision, alongside the HoH team, to commence the closure of the GATE staking section within the House of Hodl (HoH). 

This is only the closure of the GATE staking option, other HoH’s other staking portals are unaffected.

The venue had served its purpose for the period it was in use, but now with our own platform almost complete, it seemed right to centralise the utility of staking GATE tokens. We will be supporting all those who have currently staked on the platform, working alongside the HoH team to ensure all tokens returned accordingly.

We intend to launch our staking platform as soon as it is ready, after we have finalised the last stages of development and our in-house testing. Once launched you will be able to review the open-source code on Github, while also staking GATE by interacting directly with the smart contracts from your own wallets, in a non-custodial manner.

Full details will become available through an online staking guide, walking you through all aspects of staking with GATE on our platform, we look forward to showing you the new opportunities that GATENet will offer to the community.

We would like to thank the HoH team for their help and support during this period, and wish them the continued success of the House of Hodl project.

If you are staked on House of Hodl, and have not received your tokens, please contact: [email protected] for assistance, and provide us with a wallet address so we can arrange for the token transfer.

With regards to our upcoming staking platform, we are releasing an online documentation site, which is still in draft form (subject to change), but close to the finished product ( The site will contain guides for staking and additional GATENet documentation. We have open sourced the document platform as well, which can be found here:

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