GATENet Appoints New CEO

25 March 2022, GATENet, part of GSX Group, has appointed Mark Mariampillai as its new CEO. Initially brought onboard as a Programme Manager for GATENet, Mark has excelled in driving the creation of GATENet’s Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI). Holding previous experience in tier one institutions such as Credit Suisse, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citadel […]


GATENet Launches New Staking Platform

GATENet has launched it’s bespoke in-house staking platform, allowing GATE token holders to earn rewards. 9 February 2022, GATENet, owned and operated by GSX Group, has launched a new staking platform that allows GATE token holders an opportunity to stake their tokens, via non-custodial solution (i.e. directly with a smart contract), to earn rewards. To […]


Staking Platform Bug Bounty

Today GATENet is publicly publishing the smart contract code planned for use with our staking platform for public review. The GATE Token Staking Platform (the “Staking Platform”) is a non-custodial Staking Platform, built to operate on the Ethereum blockchain and provide Staking and Awards functionality to holders of GATENet’s ERC-20 GATE token. The Staking Platform […]

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