GATENet has a vision to build on-chain financial market, settlement and registry solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for issuers, investors and market participants everywhere.

Investors are looking to trade everything in one market place - instantly, globally, 24/7 in liquid markets


Issuers want access to a global investor base

Market Professionals
Market Professionals

Market Professionals want their costs reduced, failed trades to cease, counterparty risk zeroed and capital to be deployed more efficiently



GATENet delivers a global marketplace for the issuance and trading of compliant digital securities and digital assets, supported by a digital financial markets infrastructure incorporating blockchain technology – delivering multiple assets on multiple chains on multiple exchanges – creating benefits for issuers, market professionals and investors everywhere.


  • Build partnerships with key developers to map out the GATENet solution
  • Work with clients to obtain licenses to establish a digital securities exchange network
  • Execute our target operating model for GATENet
  • Launch GATENet’s staking platform
  • Finalise GATENet’s functionality and deploy technology stack (Phase 1)
  • Support client licensees launching exchange with GATENet integration
  • Continue to support global exchange expansion
  • Add more partner protocols to the GATENet network
2023 and beyond
  • Continue refinement of GATENet’s technology stack (Phase 2-4)
  • Increase exchange partners to utilise GATENet
  • Work towards CSD ownership and integration with GATENet’s technology stack

Traditional Experience and Blockchain Expertise

Mark Mariampillai


15+ Years experience implementing business, tech & DLT/Blockchain solutions across institutions such as Credit Suisse, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Citadel and KBC Hedge Fund.

Daryl McFarlane

Group CTO

Daryl is a Systems Specialist with a background in data security, web development, system design and administration.Leading research and deployment of exchange and blockchain technology.

Sagar Upadhyay

Senior Developer

Sagar holds the Senior Developer role for GATENet, with over 10+ years experience as an IT Specialist. Sagar currently manages a full stack development including frontend, backend and database roles.

Senad Hasic

Systems Administrator

Senad, who started at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange in 2018 as an IT Systems Administrator, moved over to GATENet’s tech team. Senad has gathered 20 years of experience working for financial institutions.

Daniel Cole (DC)

Brand Communications Manager

DC has gained many self-taught marketing skills when he operated his own business in 2012, with over 11+ years experience in the field to date.

Mikko Ohtamaa

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain developer with 10 years of experience and 25 years within in the software development industry. Over the past decade, Mikko has been the CTO to a host of fintech companies.