Transforming Capital Markets

“on-chain financial market, settlement and registry solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for all issuers, investors and market participants everywhere.”

How GATENet Works
Multi-Asset Opportunities
Multi-Asset Opportunities
Multi – Exchange Network
Multi – Exchange Network
Multi-Chain Interoperability
Multi-Chain Interoperability
The Efficiencies

Digital FMI

Reduce cost and complexity.

Freeing up locked-in capital, reducing barriers to entry and back-end complexity that supports institutions and the end user

Eliminate failed trades

Millions are lost each year in failed trades costs, in our fully-funded environment there are no failures. When you trade, you settle.

Eliminating counterparty risk

Simultaneously unlock capital and overheads from the post-trade processes by eliminating counterparty risk, rather than just managing it.

Public and Private markets

Provide facilities for both public and private markets.

T-Instant delivery

A pre-funded model providing simultaneous, final, irrevocable, trading, delivery versus payment.

Empower end investors

Have the maximum direct market access/sponsored access capabilities

Increase market efficiency.

Providing a streamlined market infrastructure model that reduces the number of intermediaries

Eliminate compliance risks

No manual processes, data duplication and human bias which are prone to error and operational risk.

Settlement Finality

Settlement finality at the time of a trade (“when you trade you settle”).

Our Partners

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

GATENet is set to change everything.

GATENet combines traditional capital market experience, Fintech innovations and a growing network of partners to deliver a unique model for the trading and settlement of securities.

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A quick guide through our GATENet project for the
capital markets.

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Partner Exchanges Targeted

We’re continually growing our client base of exchanges worldwide.

Partners Protocols Targeted

GATENet will be operating a multi-chain platform that offers clients true interoperability.

// our clients

We are trusted by institutions globally

Emilia Clarke
Frank D. Heuszel
"We have been looking for the right opportunity to accelerate our digital asset business and believe this collaboration will provide a strong foundation for success. The transformative potential of digital securities is extremely exciting, and we look forward to pursuing the massive opportunity in the US."
Emilia Clarke
Sam Lee
CEO Coinstreet
“GATEnet has a great vision to build on-chain financial market, settlement, and registry solutions, which can solve practical pain points in today's financial market. Their multi-chain approach provides a future proof development framework and more flexibility for Issuers through interoperability between exchanges.”
Emilia Clarke
Zack Hodgson
Managing Director of STT Mauritius
“We are very proud to be partnering with GATENet to provide a core element of their Digital FMI through our combined technology. Blockchain technology provides numerous benefits to the traditional legacy trading and settlement model and we are excited to begin this journey with the GATENet and GSX teams.”
// technology

We’re improving the current financial markets infrastructure (FMI)

GATENet’s technology vision will create a long overdue paradigm shift of how capital markets will operate globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower market participants, through innovation and efficiencies that transforms global finance.

Our Philosophy

Integrity - Respect - Reputation

Our Vision

Our vision is to build one of the world’s most trusted Digital Financial Market Infrastructures (FMI)

Our Strategy

We aim to collaborate with key partners to build an inclusive platform that offers true interoperability